English | العربية OUR LOCATIONS EcocompattaMonoblocco attrezzato. Ecocompatta is a kitchen module that has been reduced to a minimum size, yet is complete in terms of its functional components. When the unit is closed, it looks like a simple solid body of which each face is a parallelogram. This body is slightly detached from the wall and almost suspended in space to become a large cupboard with an opening at the centre that is screened by a shutter opening onto the worktop. The worktop is a fully equipped, multipurpose, integrated unit. Surrounding it are a number of electrical appliances, a system for separated trash collection, and a set of containers. This kitchen unit is designed and sized to be used in all situations (including a normal kitchen in a normal apartment) where you must deal with very limited space and the resulting problems related to the distribution, size, functions and systems of the kitchen. Available in two colours (black and white), the doors are enamelled with completely water-based technology. >